Fiscal and Tax Advice

Direct taxation

· Corporate tax (IS).

· Income tax for individuals (IRPF).

· Wealth Tax (IP).

· Income tax for non-residents (IRNR).

· Inheritance and gift tax (ISD).

Indirect taxation

· Value Added Tax (IVA).

· Tax on inheritance transfers and documented legal action (ITP/AJD).

Local and regional taxation

Tax procedures

· Procedures for inspecting and verifying various forms of tax.

· Tax record management, consultations with the Spanish Directorate General for Taxation, claims.

· Appeals and claims through economic, administrative and administrative challenge litigation.

· Disciplinary procedures.

· Tax collection procedures.


Preparation of all kinds of tax forms


Other services provided

· Valuation of businesses, companies, and commercial funds.

· Due diligence processes (company acquisitions and sales).

· Business merger and acquisition projects.

· Creation and monitoring for business and feasibility plans.

· Tax planning and restructuring of assets.