Real Estate and Building Administration Advice


Our real estate department is formed by a group of professional specialized in real estate management and administration focused on meeting the demands of a professional and transparent service in administrating your residence.

· Creation of leases.

· Tax payment management.

· Review of rentals.

· Real estate conservation.

· Delinquency control.

· Collection of rent from tenants.

· Monthly payment to the landlord.

· Legal claims on unpaid rent, including eviction.

· VAT statements on property rental.

· Issue of certificates for tax purposes.


With regard to condominium, we administer communities of property owners: we carry out all management and tasks related with said activity in order to facilitate the proper functioning of all co-owners' communities as much as possible.

· Administration: preparation of budgets, records, receipts and payments, etc.

· Preparation and follow-up on lawsuits.

· Repairs and conservation works.

· Services: cleaning, lift maintenance, etc.

· Tax management (Income tax, VAT, etc.)

· Processing of authorized records and tax identity.

· Drafting of regulations and statutes.

· Building log book.

Building maintenance

We deal with contacting industrialists able to solve repair problems and carry out the works necessary for proper real estate conservation.

Moreover, our professionals will take charge of advising you on matters of valuation, profitability studies, transfers, etc.