Legal and Commercial Advice

Company law

· Urgent business transmission.

· Constitution of all kinds of organizations.

· Secretarial work for companies and advice for administrative management
  bodies and partners/shareholders.

· Family business.

· Corporate governance.

· Corporate restructuring (National and international merges and acquisitions).

· Company liquidation.

· Challenge of shareholders' resolutions.

· Legal actions against board of directors.


Bankruptcy law

· Previous negotiations to the declaration opening the insolvency proceeding.

· Petition for declaration opening the insolvency proceeding.

· Company Voluntary Agreements.

· Insolvency administration.

· Legal Representation in insolvency proceedings.


Mortgage and registration law

Our professionals have wide-ranging experience in preparing attorney bills written to best suit our clients' needs. We can also provide assistance in the firm and all consulting required while processing various public documents in the corresponding registries, including filing and following up on government appeals, etc.


Claims on quantity and the recovery of commercial credit

In the litigation world, it is common to receive judgments that are not fulfilled in the end due to the debtor's lack of economic means. Thus, before filing any lawsuit making any claim on quantity, we conduct research on the debtor's solvency so that the client can have all relevant information on hand when deciding whether to embark on legal proceedings.

In terms of legal action, we take charge of making legal claims on all kinds of debts. In the case of companies, we always study the possibility of shifting responsibility to the governing bodies in order to make it more likely to receive effective payment.


Data protection

· File analysis.

· Security documents.

· Action protocols.

· Contracts for senior managers, executives and officials.

· Controls and audits.

· Legal defense.


Civil and commercial contract law

At AYG, we have experience in drafting all types of contracts, whether of a civil or commercial nature, in understandable language and adapted to each client's needs.


Inheritance Law

· Inheritance acceptance.

· Claims on bequests and mandated shares of inheritance.

. Inheritance planning.

· Statements by legal and notarial heirs.

· Inheritance division: legal negotiation and processes.

· Succession in family businesses.

· Sale of inheritance rights.

· Resolution of real estate conflicts.

· Drafting of inheritance reports.

· Drafting of family protocols.

· Preparation of wills.

· Taxation on inheritance and succession issues.