Labor Advice

We help your business, providing you with solutions for the outsourcing of the Personnel Administration, carrying out a thorough job on this task. We prepare the working contracts, the payroll, the settlements and the costs summaries.

Labor Contracts

Preparation of all kind of labor contracts. Control of contract expiry and seniority. Changes to staff affiliation (hiring, returning employees, firing, leave and variations).

Payroll Management

We prepare your payroll in accordance with your instructions and with the specific applicable sector legislation: Monthly payroll processing; Preparation and delivery of payroll receipts; Calculation of social security costs; Preparation of the monthly payroll summary: We issue lists for assessment regarding salary costs, budgets and accounting, as well as simulations about changes in the payroll, increases in the CPI or the calculation of delays.

Social Security Payments

We process and prepare the contribution forms for Social Security, we process credit balances, the deposit of payments via direct debit or by ePayment, possible postponements of contributions and appeals due to claims against debts.

Preparation of income tax statements

Application of withholding taxes and preparation of tax certificates and statements.


Open line with our customers for all types of queries.

Representation as counsel in litigation before the courts of law and governmental employment authorities.